Get back up again!

Get Up Get Up You Must Shine Again!


January’s focus on getting focused wasn’t easy. Bout of pneumonia that sidelined me for over half of the month. Multiple trips to multiple doctors. A lot of time sleeping or at least napping. Found out I’m borderline diabetic and needed to start a low carb diet. I need more exercise but I’m too wiped out to start. Waiting on blood test results to find out if anything else is going on. Basically it hasn’t been an easy start to 2016.

Past week has been a week of surprises though! I started trying to change my diet by cutting foods that caused my GERD to act up and therefore kept me up a lot at night. Was shocked how fast this helped and how much better I am sleeping for simply having cut coffee and chocolate (for the most part) out of my regular diet. The past week, I have tried to cut processed sugars and starches as well. It hasn’t been a lot of fun but the fact that in only a week I’m feeling significantly better makes it easier to keep going the way I’ve started. Not that I’m not missing coffee and chocolate! But having the energy to get outside and walk around has been wonderful even if it is cold.

Got sick so soon after making all these great resolutions though. Would have been so easy to just give up. But I kept hearing the words of a contemporary Christian song running through my head – “We lose our way, we get back up again. Never too late to get back up again. Get up get up you must shine again. You may be knocked down, but not out forever!” (Toby Mac, Get Back Up). I started spending a lot of time listening to a playlist I made of songs that I find inspirational. Music has always been a major part of my life but this past week it’s been more important than ever. You can’t listen to inspirational music without wanting to do SOMETHING to make your life better.

So I went for a week on this low carb, high fat diet. Sort of like Atkins but I’m not being that strict with myself because I know if I give up too much I won’t be able to stick with it. I downloaded a few apps that help you make or break habits and set up a few I wanted to start with – drinking 8 ounces of water every few hours, taking a 15 minute walk 3 times a day, even making my bed every day. I also set up an app on my computer that tells me to get up and move every half an hour. Is it working? Well, not all the time, but I’m doing better than I was. The bed and the water have been easy. The walking away from my computer when I’m in the middle of something (like this) – not so easy. But I’m doing better than I was. And I feel so much better than I did just that one week ago. Knowing that these changes are making me feel physically better makes it that much easier to stick with them, because I don’t want to go back to feeling lousy and having no energy again.

So – one week down. Rest of my life to go. So let’s get back up again!

Thanks to the following apps for helping me to keep 2016 in FOCUS:

Big Stretch Reminder – free for Windows, downloadable from

Productive – for iPhone, free up to 3 habits, 3.99 for more, downloadable from the App Store

Balanced – for iPhone, free up to 3 habits, 3.99 for more, downloadable from the App Store

And thanks to Gretchen Rubin ( for her book “Better Than Before” which gave me the idea to use habits to get myself going again.

Added bonus: Sophie likes having a nicely made bed every day!



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